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Join us in Dublin, Ireland with the Irish Georgian Society at the City Assembly House.

Weber Furlong Her life Her Art Her Legacy

58 South William Street, Dublin 2, IrelandAugust 1 – 29, 2019 Opening Gala August 1, 2019

Weber Furlong Returns to Europe after 116 years

Dublin Ireland City Assembly House (2019) — The Irish Georgian Society of Dublin present: Weber Furlong, organized by the Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art in association with the Irish Georgian Society. The exhibition, which begins its exclusive Dublin presentation at the Irish Georgian Society City Assembly House in August ‒ September 2019, is the first major exhibition outside the United States to examine the body of work that Weber Furlong (1878‒1962) created during the early modernist movement. The exhibit contains works created in Europe, Mexico, Lake George, New York, and  in Manhattan.

Fast forward to 2019 Dublin Ireland of Weber, it can be said her life story began at a time in world history when women could begin to express themselves, in the New York and Parisian schools well before 1900. The Art Students League became the place in America where this would occur. In New York Wilhelmina Weber was highly valued at the Art Students League and drew great respect from her successful work and exhibitions. The Dublin Exhibition will focus on her key works after she departed the post-expressionist European art scene and became the early American expressionist in Manhattan at 3 Washington square north in 1913. Considered an artist of immense stature, groundbreaking research by the Weber Furlong Foundation has shed light on a contributing founder of the Modern art movement in America. The accompanying Irish Edition biography on the life of the artist offers insight on a woman still highly revered in the communities she touched. Her biography “Weber Furlong Her Life, Her Art, Her Legacy” is the story of the life of Wilhelmina Weber Furlong, a major American artist who pioneered Modern impressionistic and still-life painting at the turn of the twentieth century’s Modernist movement. The story includes the life of her Irish American husband Tomas Furlong, a well-known muralist, and art teacher.

Exhibition Organization

Clint B Weber, executive director and chief curator of The Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art, curates the Weber Furlong exhibition. The exhibition is organized by The Weber Furlong Collection, Mona Blocker Garcia of the International Woman’s Foundation Building 98 in Mara Texas, and Dublin artist Martin De Porres Wright, in association with the Irish Georgian Society Dublin, Ireland City Assembly House.

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By: Tomas Furlong 1913

Miss Weber by Tomas Furlong 1913

Her Amazing Story 141 Years Later

At the time of her death in 1962 at the age of 83, Wilhelmina’s body of works were shipped to Texas from New York and remained hidden for over fifty years while art history Professor Emeritus James K. Kettlewell, of Harvard, Skidmore College, and former Curator of The Hyde Collection, searched for her work – even assigning students the task. In the foreword to The Treasured Collection of Golden Heart Farm, professor Kettlewell examines her work and style just as he has since 1962. Over the years since the paintings were lost to the New York arts communities, Professor Kettlewell held exhibitions from 1966 to 1994, locating about 40 of Weber’s paintings that remained throughout New York State. Stored under a family bed as they had been for over 50 years these important paintings were almost lost during Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to the rescue of two family cats Mr. Weber thought to remove the paintings before his home was devastated. It was not until the summer of 2012 from Stockholm, Sweden when Clint Weber, the great-grand-nephew of Wilhelmina Weber Furlong, was completing research for the biography of his great relative that he located the esteemed professor. When the two met in Saratoga Springs, New York it was an emotional experience, and they have now both dedicated their lives to telling the story of this amazing American woman modernist. The two have been on a quest to locate the remaining students and friends of Wilhelmina Weber Furlong from between 1948 and 1962 and they have now interviewed over sixteen people in high definition video one, of whom passed away shortly after the interview. They are currently hard at work cataloging and preserving all that remains of Weber Furlong’s belongings from Golden Heart Farm in Bolton Landing, New York, a place professor Kettlewell visited while Wilhelmina Weber Furlong was still alive. He always knew her story would one day come to the forefront!

In today’s light Wilhelmina Weber Furlong is now recognized as the first American woman modernist. “A blend of creative color, style, and bold imagery” are words still used to describe Weber Furlong’s significant body of work. Wilhelmina’s powerful technique captures the true essence of a subject, bringing to life qualities that influenced many other early American modernists within the movement. Her work has appeared in numerous museum galleries and private collections worldwide since 1895. Wilhelmina was known for a warm outgoing personality that managed to bring out the depth of her subjects. View Wilhelmina’s significant body of historical work, and you will understand why she is now in such high demand as one of Manhattans original female modernist painters.

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