Golden Heart Farm Art Colony


Golden Heart Farm  Golden Heart Farm is a private residence in the hamlet of Bolton Landing, New York, in the United States. It served as the art colony of Thomas and Wilhelmina Weber Furlong from 1921 to 1962. Golden Heart Farm was the  summer residence of the artists Thomas and Wilhelmina Weber Furlong. The avant-garde duo were busy managing the Art Students League of New York they both served in executive and administrative functions and taught in New York City. Wilhelmina or “Weber” as she came to be known, chose the name for her art colony while living in New York City and working at the league. Thomas Furlong was an accomplished pianist, muralist, painter and also an art teacher at New York University. His wife Wilhelmina Weber Furlong was a major American modern artist.


Weber’s Golden Heart Farm Art Colony was created 1921 the charming old farm house high on a hill in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, was built in the mid 1860s by Mr. Rufus Randall, a veteran of the Civil War. Upon his return home Mr. Randall cleared and farmed the land and raised his family there before selling the property to another Bolton man, Edson Persons. The farm was reputed to have “one of the most magnificent views of the lake in the vicinity,” according to a newspaper clipping from 1961. This section about Golden Heart Farm is from the Biography of Wilhelmina Weber Furlong.