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A Modern Woman’s Story

For over 100 years an American Woman was hailed as an innovator in the art world. She is now hailed as a foremother of Modern American art.  Her influence on important American Artists is now understood through her position in Manhattan at the famed Art Students League, her circle of friends all famous artists of the early Modernist movement and her popular studio and art galleries in Manhattan. Wilhelmina Weber Furlong was a forgotten woman who was hailed by many and was credited in the footnotes of American art for a century. Her fascinating story is now clarified bringing her out of the footnotes to the forefront so people today can know who Wilhelmina Weber Furlong was and how she lived her life and most of all appreciate her important work and contributions to American Art.

Important Archives
Sunday, February 1, 1914 The New York Press writes: “Wilhelmine Weber is of the new school of art, which is called by decorative workers, the Modernist, as all embracing of the new spirit of strong color”.

 “The New Modernist School”  February 1, 1914  New York Press


In 1913 Weber Furlong exhibited in St. Louis, MO at the prestigious Artist Guild of St Louis.   She also exhibited alongside Emil Carlsen and William Merritt Chase in St Louis and Sculptor David Smith in Albany, New York.

Futurist” on May 10, 1914  New York Tribune
Whitney Studio Club Archives May 2, 1928
May 2, 1928