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International Woman’s Foundation Marfa, Texas

The Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art is currently based in Iconic Marfa, Texas Fort D. A. Russell National Historic Site at the historic Building 98 Museum and Galleries. Drop in any time in Marfa, to see her exhibit year round. Although the collection of paintings is highly in demand, we are always open to new projects or exhibitions.

Docent volunteers are welcome and we encourage student interns with an advisor recommendation to contact us for possible opportunities.

We were pleased to have presented the Weber Furlong retrospective for the first time in Marfa, Texas in September of 2012.  The Weber Furlong collection has been privately held since 1962. The vault has been open for public viewing at Building 98 in Marfa, Texas by the artist’s grand nephew.  Private belongings of the artist are on display along side the Weber Furlong  Retrospective.

Clint Weber
Executive Director and Chief Curator
Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art
Phone:  646-801-9278

Prince, New York 10012

Building 98









Building 98 Fort D.A. Russell National Historic Site

Glens Falls, New York

The Hyde Collection features paintings by Weber Furlong



Bolton Landing, New York

Bolton Historical Society Museum features paintings by Weber Furlong

bolton landing



Saratoga Springs, New York

The Tang Museum at Skidmore College holds a work by Weber Furlong



City Assembly House, Dublin Ireland

Irish Georgian Society City Assembly House August 2019



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