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Now back by popular demand works by Weber Furlong at Building 98 in Marfa, Texas!

Marfa, Texas August 2012 through February 2013 the retrospective contained well over 80 paintings and numerous personal effects of the artist’s.

Weber Furlong Retrospective Exhibit

Weber Furlong Retrospective Exhibit


John Graham National Museum collections, painting and drawings
David Smith
National Museum collections
Max Weber
National Museum collections
 Mexico City,Guatemala Weber Furlong
Guatemalan Woman oil on canvas The Weber Furlong Collection
Mexico Landscape The Weber Furlong Collection
 “Winter in Bolton Landing”Weber Furlong
Golden Heart Farm landscape oil on canvas The Weber Furlong Collection
Oil on canvas Portrait’s of Wilhelmina are held at various museums in New York (not exhibited in Marfa) Dorthy Dehner Heckscher Museum The Art Students League.Esteemed Portrait of Weber Furlong in the Hyde Collection. Portrait of Wilhelmina John Graham The Weber Furlong Collection. Portrait of Wilhelmina Thomas Furlong The Weber Furlong Collection.
“Snowdrift at Sunrise”Featured in the Marfa Building 98 Gallery of Art The Weber Furlong Collection“Wrigley Building Thomas Furlong” The Weber Furlong Collection“Woodblock Note” Featured in the Marfa Building 98 Gallery of Art The Weber Furlong Collection“Max Weber” The Weber Furlong Collection



The International Woman’s Foundation in Marfa, Texas hosted the Weber Furlong retrospective exhibition for the 10th anniversary of the foundation.  Renowned Professor Emeritus James K. Kettlewell gave a one hour presentation with Clint Weber and Mona Blocker Garcia. This was the first major retrospective exhibition of Weber Furlong’s work since Professor Kettlewell’s exhibit at the Hyde Collection museum in Glens Falls New, York in 1966. Today the Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art is based at the Building 98 Studio Galleries in Marfa.


Building 98 Marefa, Texas

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