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Current Weber Furlong Collection University Coursework

Modern Art in Manhattan and the Origins of American Modern Art

This course examines the works of John D. Graham, David Smith, Max Weber, Dorothy Dahner and Weber Furlong, with open discussion about  each original painting. Students will see these significant works  in class. Together with Mr. Weber, students will explore the influences of each artist upon American Modern Art and those in their inner circles, who laid the foundation for Post Modern Art.  Much of this course delves into the history of Manhattan’s premier modern art museums and original archival documents.  The discussion will cover what is American Modern Art, when it began, and what were its European origins. The topic of women artists during this important period will also be explored. Lectures will cover Post Impressionism, Cubism, Synthetic Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, German Expressionism and American Modernism. This course will look into the influence and effects of Kenneth Hays Miller and Thomas Heart Benton, who opposed the American Modern Art movement from its humble beginnings in Manhattan. Students will see actual works by Miller and Benton, both of whom were vigorous opponents of the movement at the Art Students League of New York. By seeing and discussing actual examples from the late 1890s through the late 1950s, students will gain the ability to recognize modernist works and learn to understand their defining features.  Assigned readings will  examine each artist under discussion.



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