Lecture Series

Our lecture series covers a broad range of topics in art, history and culture.

The Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art Presents

Glens Falls

James K. Kettlewell Professor Emeritus Skidmore College, Harvard, Retired Curator of The Hyde Collection

Glens Falls 

Clint B. Weber Executive Director and Chief Curator The Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art

Current University Series Lectures


  • Weber Furlong and the Origins of Modern Art

This lecture examines the work of Weber Furlong and the origins of Modern art. Students will see a comparison of European and American modernist works along the timeline of the Modernist movement.


  • Modernism, and Women in the Arts

This lecture examines the impact of women in the arts and their influences on modernism and the plight of women artists throughout history. Social and political issues that affected women in the arts will be examined.


  • Weber Furlong Her Life and Her Story

This lecture examines the life and impact of Weber Furlong and her influence on Modernism in America. Topics will cover who influenced her and who she influenced. Her travels, struggles and work will be examined along the timeline of historical events in America, Europe and Mexico.


  • The American Modernists

This lecture examines American Modern art and the cultural movement in America. Topics will cover key figures in the American Modernist movement what influenced them and what their impact was on society and the postmodern world.


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  • Weber Furlong Retrospective
  • Weber Furlong Commemorative Magazine

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