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A Biography of  Wilhelmina Weber Furlong (1878-1962)

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Accepted into the Alfred H. Barr archives at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, St Louis Art Museum, Missouri History Museum Research Center, St Louis, and the Adirondack Museum Research Library among many others. This publication has shed light into a long lost chapter in American art history.

The great grand nephew to Weber Furlong Clint Weber tells the story of Wilhelmina Weber Furlong, America’s most significant early American woman modern artist. Weber Furlong pioneered the modernist movement in Paris, Mexico,New York City, Glens Falls, and Bolton Landing, New York beginning in the early 1890s. Described as the foremother to American modern art Weber Furlong made her influence felt by laying the groundwork for the climax of the American modern art movement.

Considered an artist of immense influence Wilhelmina Weber Furlong was a major American artist who pioneered modern expressionistic, and still life painting, at the turn of the twentieth century’s modernist movement. She has been called America’s first early American woman modern Artist. The foreword to the book is by Professor Emeritus James K. Kettlewell renowned art historian who had been looking for Wilhelmina Weber Furlong’s work since 1962. It was academic research for this biography that led Clint Weber to professor Kettlewell, who remains an active art historian worldwide. The Biography of Wilhelmina Weber Furlong by Clint Weber is available at the following on-line distributors.

Paperback: 216 pages

Revised First edition 2013

Illustrated Timeline

Color reproductions

ISBN-10: 0985160101

ISBN-13: 978-0985160104

Weber Furlong Press

Mr. Weber is the Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Weber Furlong Collection of Modern art and the founding director of the Weber Furlong Foundation, a not for profit museum foundation chartered earlier this year to support the visual arts and education assistance to students and teachers of the arts. Mr. Weber serves on the board of the International Woman’s Foundation based in Marfa, Texas. He serves the foundation as the Chief Curator of the Building 98 Museum and art galleries located at the Historic Fort D. A. Russell National Historic Site.

The Weber Furlong Collection of Modern Art contains major works of art by Wilhelmina Weber Furlong, John D. Graham, and David Smith among others. This important collection of Modern Art by an American woman artist has drawn national attention over the past few years, and contains significant works from the Post Impressionist and the early American Modern Art movement.

Mr. Weber was recognized in the summer of 2013 at the Museum Of Modern Art in Manhattan when his research publications were added to the Alfred H. Barr Archives, the Adirondack Museum Library, the Saint Louis Art Museum Library, and the Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center. This accomplishment led to the creation of the Weber Furlong Foundation. He also conducted research at the Whitney Museum archives, where he found important documents linking Weber Furlong to the Whitney Studio Club during the beginning years of the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Weber Furlong Foundation is dedicated to the important history of American women in the arts and to the American Modernist movement from its origins.

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The Treasured Collection of Golden Heart Farm

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